Our commitment to confidentiality

If the sale process is not managed with sensitivity and in the strictest confidence, it may damage the business and dent price expectations.

Industry rumours that you are ‘on the market‘ can be used by competitors to undermine confidence in your company.

Employees become unsettled and the management distracted. The best staff may leave, fuelling fresh rumours.

Customers begin to worry about relying on you in the future. They may try out alternative suppliers to cover themselves.

Suppliers, hearing the same rumours may tighten their terms and restrict their credit.

Our advice is to restrict knowledge of the sale to as few key directors and managers as possible. Ideally, only one person should be nominated to control contact and information from your end. In this way, your management will continue to focus on running a profitable business without distractions.

This process will certainly take months and it may be the case that the company decide to hold or even discontinue the sale process at some time. If confidentiality has been guarded, no damage will have been done.

How will ACF guard your confidentiality?

Firstly we talk to you to fully understand your specific concerns. Each company is different and has its own areas of sensitivity.

All contact and documentation with you is through your agreed routes. You tell us who we deal with and how you want it done. This includes your initial discussions with us.

At the initial contact stage, potential buyers are only given brief details of your business in a way that will preserve your confidentiality. All interested prospects will then be required to sign a legal confidentiality agreement before being provided with further, or confidential information.

ACF will keep you informed with regard to interest from prospective purchasers and let you know what we are doing and what information is being released.