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If you are thinking about selling your company, one of the matters that you will need to consider is a realistic valuation .

Valuation is not a straightforward process. There are guides to a realistic price but the simple fact is that like most things in life, the price is simply what someone is prepared to pay.

So how can Aitken Corporate Finance help you to put a value on your company?

Firstly we will need to see your latest accounts. Here we can look at the profit of the business and make some adjustments for costs which would perhaps not continue following the sale of the business. We would also consider the balance sheet which gives an indication of the type and value of the business assets contained within the company.

We would also look at what industry you are in. Some industries are more highly regarded from a sale point of view and generate higher prices based around a higher multiple of profit than other less desirable companies.

Finally ACF will look at a proposed marketing plan for your business . The more buyers that we can attract to the sale process, the better will be the price. It is always better to have three or four parties interested in acquiring the business rather than having a single bidder who can effectively then specify his own price and terms

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