How to obtain best sales value

If you are thinking about selling all, or part of your business, you need to plan the process carefully and obtain the best professional advice.

Aitken Corporate Finance (ACF) specialises in helping business owners to sell confidentially and obtain the best outcome. We concentrate on a selling price band of £250,000 to £10m and prefer to work with a small number of clients so that each one is assured of personal attention.

If you are in the early stages of thinking about a sale we believe that the advice on this site will be helpful and informative.

Please talk to us, we are happy to give you free advice on getting ready for a sale and timing the sale.


Timing is something which you need to control. Many sellers leave it too late or wait until a crisis forces a sale.

The sale and negotiation process takes time and must not be rushed if you are to secure the best possible deal.

You may be considering retirement. In this case a sale of your company with an undertaking that you and your key directors will continue to run it for a period, may add to the valuation.

Whatever you decide, do not leave it too late, obtain professional advice from an experienced corporate finance team and work with them to plan the whole sales process from the beginning.

Widen your Horizon

You may be surprised at the range of people who would wish to purchase your company.

Sadly many companies sell below value to a single competitor who approaches with an offer. Better value may be obtained from a company wishing to enter your market, or an overseas buyer wanting a UK base, or perhaps a private equity investment company.

Selling a company is like an auction, the more bidders we can attract, the better the price.

ACF does not just rely on buyers coming to us, we will sell your business proactively by targeting potential bidders and approaching them in confidence on your behalf.